Biological Sample Storage

MLM Medical Labs Increases Biological Sample Management Capacity in North America and Europe

MLM Medical Labs, a global leader in central and specialty laboratory services, announced today that the Company will be expanding its capacity for storing biological samples at their facilities in Memphis, TN and Mönchengladbach, Germany. MLM offers biological sample management services for as little as a few days to more than 20 years at all temperature ranges including ultra-low temperatures to -80 degrees Celsius and in liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees Celsius).

Expansion of central lab services to China

The globalization of clinical research has seen international multicenter trials become standard, partially in response to the increasing demand to clinical trials that cover the three major markets:

MLM team celebrates 25th anniversary

On September 8th the MLM company premises turned into a summer festival area. On the occasion of its 25th company anniversary all shareholders, employees and their families were invited to a